Skin Treatments


Haús Signature Facial – $145 for 60 min

Experience pure relaxation with a 1 hour facial designed to restore and rejuvenate your skin’s health and radiance. Enjoy a revitalising enzyme gommage, Gua Stone massage, pressure point and head massage, lavender-infused hot towels, skin-tightening mask, neck, shoulder and arm massage with tailored finishing products. Add an LED for a collagen boost- $20.

Express Facial- $70/ 30 minutes 

A fully customised facial to target your skin concerns. The perfect treatment if you’re time poor but want to get your skin glowing! Our amazing therapists will tailor our Synergie Skin cleanse, exfoliator, mask and finishing products to suit your skin concerns. Relax with a neck and shoulder massage. Add an LED for a boost of collagen. $40



Enzyme Hydropeel – $95 for 30 min

Experience cellular renewal with a blend of papaya enzymes and 15% lactic acid. Leave with soft, plump, hydrated skin treatment.

Salicylic Peel – $110 for 20 min

Indulge in deep pore purification, exfoliation, and anti-inflammatory benefits. Ideal for problematic and acne-prone skin treatment.

Lactic Peel – $110 for 30 min

Amplify natural moisture, inhibit pigment production, and achieve firmer, hydrated, evenly pigmented, and glowing skin treatment.

Layered Peel – $110 for 35 min

Combine lactic and salicylic acid for targeting fine lines, pigmentation, sun damage, dehydration, pores, and congestion.

Tetra Peel – $110 for 30 min

Inhibit pigment production, brighten, and even skin tone. Perfect for dull, thickened, prematurely aged skin and melasma sufferers.

Cosmelan – $1500 for 45 min

Cosmelan is a depigmentation method for severe, resistant dark spots. Cosmelan is a topical treatment that combines 1 in clinic treatment with a complete home care routine.



IPL Treatment – $250

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is a type of light therapy that uses intense wavelengths of light to target collagen induction, skin regeneration and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation, rosacea, and capillaries.

Microdermabrasion – $135 for 40 min

Non-invasive treatment that gently abrades the surface layers of the skin for smooth, fresh, rejuvenated skin. Ideal for reducing acne scars, refining pores, and reducing fine lines.

LED Light Therapy Upgrade- $20 / 10 minutes Stnd Alone Treatment- $40/ 20 minutes

Harness healing power to combat acne, reduce redness, stimulate collagen production, and induce faster tissue healing. Add to your favourite treatment to boost collagen, heal the skin, reduce inflammation and relax.



Men’s Deep Cleanse – $130 for 45 min

Our deep cleansing medi-facial is a multi- step treatment process including a double cleanse, scrub, microdermabrasion and detox mask to draw out impurities, deeply clean the skin, remove a build up of dirt, toxins and bacteria and includes a deep tissue nexk and shoulder massage.



Laser Re-Gen – $199 for 40 min

A gentle yet powerful anti-aging laser facial that to encourages new collagen production. It improves the appearance of many skin conditions including redness, ageing skin, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

Carbon Facial – $199 for 45 min

Dubbed “The Hollywood Facial”  carbon laser is designed specifically for acne, congested skins to achieve a flawless complexion. This carbon facial is a unique treatment that removes the outter most layer of dead skin cells, it is a painless non invasive treatment that targets blemishes, excess oil production, blocked pores and acne prone skin.



IPL Hair Reduction – SHR

SHR Swift hair removal is a quick and effective way to permanently reduce hair. SHR involves gradually heating the follicle by rapidly gliding the hand piece backwards and forwards over the treatment zone.

Treatment Protocol for IPL Hair Reduction – SHR:

Clients must have a 10-minute free consult before booking to ensure candidacy.

Purchase a pack of 6 treatments upfront; additional treatments can be purchased as needed.

Treatments must be 4 weeks apart for the first 6, then can be extended to 5 weeks.

Client’s hair must be cleanly shaved before treatment.

Clients must be free from fake tan for 2 weeks before treatment.