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The Haús business model was crafted by Bree Tucker, founder and mother of Angus Tucker. Bree’s fervor for health, wellness, and anti-aging permeates every aspect of her life. Having previously owned businesses, she sought to create a venture that aligned with her lifestyle, affording her the time to dedicate to her 18-month-old son.

Bree is eager to extend her wealth of knowledge and expertise to you. As a licensee, you will gain access to invaluable insights gleaned from her two-decade-long career in the beauty industry. With a diploma in beauty therapy, a certificate 3 in marketing, and a history of upskilling through various business and marketing courses, Bree brings a wealth of experience from managing numerous online and service-based enterprises.
Haus of Vitality offers a transformative experience for individuals seeking to enhance both their appearance and well-being. Our Australian-owned Health Spa stands out for its dedication to providing a holistic approach to anti-aging and self-sufficient wellness treatments. At Haus of Vitality, we understand that looking good is just as important as feeling good, and we’re committed to helping our clients achieve both.

Why the Haús of Vitality concept would thrive in your area~

Haús of Vitality was designed as a space to find peace in a world of chaos. “We wanted to create a place for people to escape, to focus on themselves and to feel good on a deeper level.”
Set in opulent surroundings, in 12 short months Haús of Vitality experienced extraordinary growth: bringing new wellness technology to Regional NSW, building an impressive client base and delivering industry-leading metrics. With 2 locations running and more to come!
Haús offers our core non-invasive ‘contactless’ treatments, which promote anti-ageing from the inside out, each in their own private room. Infrared Sauna, Ice Bath, Salt Booth, LED Lounge. The Haús Concept can be tailored to your area, allowing you to choose from a range of ‘touch-less wellness”treatments that align with your business.

Haús of Vitality is an Australian owned and founded business and it’s treatments are complemented by Australian-made skin-care products.

Our value proposition revolves around three key pillars

We offer a range of advanced treatments designed to combat the signs of ageing using a holistic approach and focusing on anti-ageing from the inside out. From innovative skincare techniques to cutting-edge technologies, our expert therapists tailor each treatment to address specific concerns, helping clients achieve youthful, radiant skin.

Beyond addressing external appearance, we prioritise holistic well-being. Our spa provides a sanctuary where clients can disconnect from the stresses of daily life and focus on nurturing their physical and mental health. Through personalised wellness programs, mindfulness practices, and relaxation therapies, we empower individuals to cultivate a balanced lifestyle that supports long-term vitality.

As an Australian-owned establishment, we take pride in our deep understanding of local clientele’s needs and preferences. Our team comprises experienced professionals who are passionate about delivering exceptional service and results. We source premium products and stay abreast of the latest advancements in anti-ageing and wellness, ensuring our clients receive the highest standard of care.

In essence, Haus of Vitality is more than just a spa – it’s a destination where rejuvenation meets empowerment. Whether you’re seeking to diminish fine lines, boost your energy levels, or indulge in a moment of self-care, we invite you to experience the transformative benefits of our holistic approach to health and anti-ageing.

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