Ice Bath

Cold water immersion therapy has been used over centuries in many cultures such as Japan, and the Nordic countries to aid in physical recovery, enhance mental resilience, help with aches & pains and boost immunity.

The physiological and mental benefits of an ice bath can be felt immediately and with frequent practice it doesn’t take long to feel more alert and full of energy all the time.

For best results, it really is about the regularity and not the time you spend in it. The first health benefits start if you regularly step into an ice bath once a week. We have packages to support you in this.

Total time in the ice is up to 5-10 minutes, however 3min for a beginner/intermediate is where you see the optimum benefits. We allow a 30min window to give you enough time to build the courage, meditate with breath work and take the plunge.


By training the vagus nerves that are linked with the parasympathetic nervous system, stress and anxiety levels are naturally lowered.

Your heart rate goes down by up 15 to 30 beats per minute

Boosts immunity to colds and flushes

Improves sleep

Builds mental resilience

Helps with extreme temperature change tolerance

Activates the brown fat in your body

Reduces inflammation

Enhances mental alertness

Single 30 min $25/ Couple 30min $40