Synergy Skin- LumiBalance (multi-active facial oil) 30ml


A lightweight facial oil fortified with 8 potent plant-based actives to reduce the appearance of fine lines, brighten, and deeply moisturise the skin.

This anti-ageing oil harnesses the natural power of bakuchiol, prickly pear seed oil, and an Ultra-Calming Lipid Complex to restore, balance, and protect skin from free radical damage for a radiant healthy glow.

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Delving into the specifics, this facial oil plays a pivotal role in providing deep and lasting moisture, thereby acting as a barrier against the peril of skin dehydration. The oil’s efficacy in this regard lies in its adeptness at proficiently retaining water within the skin’s layers. Beyond hydration, it also takes up the mantle of tackling uneven skin tone, instilling a radiant luminosity into your complexion.

The oil’s unique blend of attributes includes its remarkable ability to calm the skin, which in turn contributes to the revival of a natural, healthy glow. This restoration process bestows a sense of renewal upon the skin, endowing it with a revitalized and invigorated sensation.

Moreover, the oil’s efficacy extends to addressing fine lines, skillfully diminishing their prominence to promote a smoother appearance. An especially intriguing facet of this facial oil is its possession of clinically proven retinoid-like advantages, which serves as a compelling alternative to the conventional Vitamin A treatments. By harnessing the potency of natural ingredients, this oil offers results akin to retinoids while maintaining a gentle, skin-friendly approach.


To use this product, begin by dispensing four drops. Proceed to gently massage these drops across your face and neck. This action is a method of applying moisture to your skin, beneficial for both mornings and evenings. The soft massage assists the product in being absorbed by your skin, ensuring an even distribution. Consequently, your skin receives hydration and essential nutrients. By including this process in your skincare regimen, you contribute to maintaining well-moisturized and revitalized skin throughout the entire day and night.


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