Synergy Skin- DermaCalm Moisturiser 50ml



A soothing and repairing moisturiser enriched with advanced peptides to reduce the discomfort of itch, heat and irritation while minimising the appearance of redness.

Ideal for comforting, calming and strengthening sensitive skin.

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Crafted as an anti-inflammatory moisturiser meticulously designed for sensitive skin, this specialized formulation brings forth a multitude of benefits aimed at nurturing and revitalizing delicate skin.

With its innate ability to pacify and mitigate, it serves as a soothing balm that gently calms while simultaneously bolstering the skin’s resilience. At its core, it functions as a remedy that not only neutralizes skin redness but also goes a step further by reducing the very sensations of itchiness, heat, and irritation that can plague sensitive skin.

This exceptional moisturizer operates as a multifaceted solution, working to restore equilibrium to the skin’s condition and imbuing it with a newfound sense of comfort.


For the optimal application of the DermaCalm Moisturiser, start by dispensing a single pump of the product.

Gently and carefully spread the moisturizer over your face and neck, ensuring an even distribution across the skin’s surface. Keep in mind that you should seamlessly incorporate this vital step into your morning skincare routine.

Remember, for complete safeguarding, apply sun protection after, especially during daytime sun exposure, ensuring comprehensive defense for your skin.

This precautionary measure helps shield your skin from the potential harmful effects of UV radiation and maintains its health and vitality.


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